Asking a mental health provider for help shows both courage and strength. Located in midtown Toronto,
KN Therapy is a supervised practice that provides a safe and compassionate space where clients can be heard, heal, and make positive changes in their lives.



If you find yourself wondering what your life would look like without some of your current problems, and you feel ready to engage in meaningful change, get in touch to book an appointment. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

KN Therapy opens the door for personal growth and provides counselling services for individuals and couples, both in person and online.



Individual Counselling


Counselling is a collaboration between client and therapist. In this safe space, personal growth and healing within the client, as well as interpersonally with others, are the ultimate goals.

Couples Counselling


Relationships can bring us both immense happiness and significant distress. As a Gottman trained therapist, I will help you to reconnect and rebuild intimacy in your relationship.

Online Counselling


For individuals, I provide the option to receive online therapy using an encrypted PHIPA and PIPEDIA compliant platform, that meets the privacy requirements for healthcare professionals.


Acceptance and support from someone who knows you so intimately is enormously affirming.
— Irvin Yalom